Worth A Thousand Words: Photos

I’ve always loved photography, but it wasn’t until I was in college that I started messing around with my own camera. Once upon a time in the 1800s when photography, like, became a thing, people thought photos unequivocally captured the truth. We now know that photos lie as smoothly as politicians and movie agents and this, to me, is part of the appeal.

Photos tell stories. Sometimes those reflect the truth, sometimes they reflect fantasy, and sometimes they are a blend of both. Who decides? The creator? The looker? The editor who photoshops the shit out of an image? Photos are the original wikis–inviting anyone to participate in shaping their narratives.

I’m including my own photography here from time to time, which you’ll be able to find under the “Photography” category. Please respect my creative products and do not share without permission. And if you bounced here noodling around at images, hey, welcome!  Feel free to check out my writing in the “Creative Nonfiction” category. Thanks! Enjoy!

Here are some photos I recently took in downtown Boston.

able to leap tall buildings
In A Single Bound

We have no shortage of tall buildings in Beantown. I love the honeycomb look of this one and the perspective against the wild, blue sky. It’s what I imagine the people of Metropolis saw when they pointed and remarked, “able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!”

Boston Hahbahhhh
Boston Hahbahhhh

The Boston Harbor was looking unusually pristine and fresh this morning. There’s a reason why the tune goes “love that dirty water/Boston, you’re my home.”

Hanging Around
Hanging Around

I wandered into the North End, which is the Italian section of Boston. The minute you turn away from the harbor and inland toward the neighborhood, you’re hit with the smells of garlic, fresh bread, and cappuccino. This is not a bad thing at all. Down a little, crooked side street, I came across this All Saints shrine, wedged in between two buildings. The walls are lined with the photos of different saints along with left over Easter decorations. One of which was an egg garland that capped the zip line where this plucky cherub dangled. Sometimes deities need to get around on things other than wings.





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