It Matters

The Boston’s Women March was the only experience I’d ever had with protest and the first significant one that involved voicing my civic dissent in more than 140 characters. Would there be counter protestors screaming and whipping Bic lighters at us? I wondered. After all, this was frickin Baaahston! We set cars on fire when… Read More It Matters

Just Eleanor

Eleanor Roosevelt is blowing my mind. I’m reading her slim book titled You Learn By Living: Eleven Keys to a More Fulfilling Life. Published in 1960 it could have been written sixteen minutes ago and would still resonate. It’s full of common sense, forward-facing ideas about what, she feels, contribute to making up a fulfilling… Read More Just Eleanor

Under the Covers: Reigniting My Biblio-affair

That new book smell. Why hasn’t Yankee Candle created this scent? (Note: invent and trademark New Book candle smell immediately, sell formula to Yankee Candle, reap millions, retire to private island in the Mediterranean). It’s the smell of crisp, fresh cut paper mingled with the slightly smoky scent of ink. It’s the bouquet of discovery… Read More Under the Covers: Reigniting My Biblio-affair