It Matters

The Boston’s Women March was the only experience I’d ever had with protest and the first significant one that involved voicing my civic dissent in more than 140 characters. Would there be counter protestors screaming and whipping Bic lighters at us? I wondered. After all, this was frickin Baaahston! We set cars on fire when… Read More It Matters


That was the spring the master escape artist came to Boston. Everyone knew about Houdini—the man who slipped through chains as if they were ribbons, the man who spirited his way out of locked coffins, the man who burst from straightjackets the way other people glide through rooms. In April of 1908 Houdini was booked… Read More Unchained

Look For It

The first time I noticed that something was etched on the side of the enormous Hancock Tower in the fall. The tower is a massive, glittering slab of real estate built in the 1970s on the edge of Copley Square in downtown Boston. Its reflective faces catch views of Trinity Church and other surrounding buildings,… Read More Look For It