Soothing & Seething

His guitar resting against his back, Martin Sexton strides onto the stage like a gunslinger entering a dusty saloon. Music is the weapon he uses to battle against ignorance and apathy. Martin is a barrel of a man with a warm, open pie-shaped face that peers out from underneath a riot of black hair. He’s … Continue reading Soothing & Seething


One Tree, Many Leads

The wood contains a feather pattern. Little whorls shimmy up against one another like two on a dance floor. The undulations are so pronounced that I expect to be able to feel the waves of energy as I run my hand across them. The surface of the board is all glide, perfectly soft and smooth … Continue reading One Tree, Many Leads


The Mass Ave. bridge is the longest bridge in Boston. It straddles the Charles River and joins the Back Bay area with the part of Cambridge home to the revered and intimidating nerd factory, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Just walking over the bridge elevates your neurons. Painted numbers appear on the concreted in six-foot … Continue reading Knit