Under the Covers: Reigniting My Biblio-affair

That new book smell. Why hasn’t Yankee Candle created this scent? (Note: invent and trademark New Book candle smell immediately, sell formula to Yankee Candle, reap millions, retire to private island in the Mediterranean). It’s the smell of crisp, fresh cut paper mingled with the slightly smoky scent of ink. It’s the bouquet of discovery… Read More Under the Covers: Reigniting My Biblio-affair


The 59-mile stretch of defunct rail road tracks became an idyllic bike path about seven years ago. What had once been a corridor of high-tech travel in 1847 was now a scenic route snaking through small towns and winding alongside tripping rivers. I pick up the trail a few miles from my family’s property. It’s… Read More Proof

Snow Days

The first real snow of winter rolled through Boston on Saturday. The next real snow was dogging its heels and would make itself felt with some spectacular swagger a few days later. Kid winter is so different than grown-up winter. Kid winters are faces smudged to the window glass, ogling the fat flakes, bouncing on… Read More Snow Days