Burnin For You

Each envelope was like getting a singular piece of plunder from a pirate’s chest. Inside, a CD of live music, booted and burned from a concert at some exotic sounding venue like The Grotto, The M-Stop, or The Gem Theater. Christmas in your mailbox. Before music was uploaded into our consciousness or etched onto a … Continue reading Burnin For You


Connect or Collide

The moment I toed the edge of the stair and felt the slick ice I should have known. As I made my way carefully across the patio to the back gate inch by inch, I thought this is ridiculous. When I saw the cars encased in a glacier as if some evil scientist had blasted … Continue reading Connect or Collide


The 59-mile stretch of defunct rail road tracks became an idyllic bike path about seven years ago. What had once been a corridor of high-tech travel in 1847 was now a scenic route snaking through small towns and winding alongside tripping rivers. I pick up the trail a few miles from my family’s property. It’s … Continue reading Proof